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Project Management Professional

Is there a project that needs managing? Let's talk about your project goals.

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Culture Select LLC, CEO

Want to fund an indie game or localization? Let's talk about your game project.

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Web Development

Need a simple website made like this one? I'd love to help.

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National Chair, DA Japan

Need help registering to vote? I do volunteering to help organize Americans overseas.

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Full Resume

On my LinkedIn you can see my full resume history, and some projects I've worked on and put together! I'm always keeping an eye open for new opportunities, so let me know if you'd like to work together.

Coffee and Code

Have an interesting idea? I am always learning new web technologies and interested in new ways to present information. Check out my CodePen for front-end designs!


Register to Vote

Do you need help registering to vote overseas? See the Vote From Abroad page, which can help put together the form so you can request your ballot today! Your political affiliation doesn't matter, just the desire to vote.

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Need to schedule a consultation? Have a game to pitch? Want a website like this one? Registering to vote? Just want to talk shop? Send me a message anytime through this contact form!